The Musicians of the San Antonio Symphony believe our orchestra is a vital cultural icon, an integral source of identity for our city and a public trust. Economically, the Symphony helps define San Antonio as a major metropolitan area with the highest quality musical culture, making it more attractive to tourists and potential businesses alike. Artistically and educationally, we are integrated into the fabric of life throughout the city. 

The San Antonio Symphony is the only full-time, professional, performing arts organization in San Antonio. Each member of the orchestra is a highly-trained musician; 75% percent of us have Master's degrees in our fields that are the culmination of a musical training that begins in early childhood. Each position in the orchestra is filled through rigorous and intense international competition. The orchestra’s musicians come from as close as San Antonio and as far away as Syria, Turkey, China and Japan. Just as importantly, we live here - 60% of us are homeowners - raise our families here and pay taxes here. 

We serve as positive role models for countless San Antonio youth. At last count, 90% of the members of the orchestra were mentoring around 800 individual students in one-on-one private lessons. That's 800 hours every week of individual interaction between students and mentors. Many of us volunteer in local hospitals, schools, churches, synagogues and mentoring programs. In this way, our presence radiates throughout the city. 

The San Antonio Symphony musicians make music that distinguishes San Antonio as a rich cultural environment for its residents, tourists and businesses. The Symphony has proven its ability to operate on a sound financial basis and has won back the support and confidence of audiences, donors, and civic and corporate leadership throughout San Antonio and South Texas. And yet the San Antonio Symphony has stagnated in its service to the community - performing little more than half the year. 

MOSAS believes it is now time to expand our service to the community by providing more concerts throughout the year.  In this way we can better serve our community by providing our unique cultural resources at the highest attainable level.  It will allow the orchestra to remain competitive for the most talented instrumentalists.  The San Antonio Symphony is a valuable community asset and we are committed to offering our best. 

Former Mayor Julián Castro said, “San Antonio is a look at America's tomorrow. As a diverse, economically vibrant city, San Antonio and cities like it represent the new face of the American Dream." We believe an active and vibrant San Antonio Symphony must be a part of the dream.  SA2020 (the community-wide visioning process) has identified the SAS as a potential partner for its ambitious goals for arts and culture in our city in 2020. San Antonio needs an active and vibrant SAS to reach its goals. We know that San Antonio is capable of sustaining a symphony orchestra for the enjoyment, education, and enrichment of all citizens. With Sebastian Lang-Lessing as our exciting music director, a new hall in the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts and a renewed civic commitment to the arts, there may never be a better time to secure the future of the San Antonio Symphony.