MOSAS New Year's Resolutions!

Greetings, fellow San Antonians, from the Musicians of the San Antonio Symphony!

It's been almost two years of pandemic life and counting, and we've all been through a lot together. These are undoubtedly unprecedented and uncertain times. But one thing we can be certain of is that San Antonio does community with a capital "C." San Antonio respects and embraces tradition and history, even as it experiences exponential growth and progress.

The Musicians of the San Antonio Symphony believe that after 80 years of world-class, virtuoso performances, our orchestra has become a vital part of our community's history and tradition. We are San Antonio's only full-time resident professional performing arts institution, and our musicians are an integral part of this community. Playing across all musical genres - for young and old alike - whether we are inspiring, educating, or entertaining, we truly are a Symphony for all of San Antonio. But currently, there are forces at work, specifically our Board and Management, who are trying to dismantle this 80-year-old cultural treasure, which has forced us to make the difficult decision to strike.

Sadly, as we are poised to begin 2022, we find ourselves fighting for our jobs, a living wage, and for each other, as our Board and Management seek to divide the orchestra into two classes of poorly paid professionals, one worse off than the other. We cannot let this happen, but we cannot win this fight alone. We need our community to stand with us, raise your voices, and tell the Symphony Society of San Antonio that we must not settle for a second-class Symphony in a first-class city! In the spirit of the coming New Year, we have decided to share our New Year's resolutions with you.

We resolve to continue our fight to keep a full-time, full-size, professional orchestra in San Antonio.

We resolve to continue to demand good faith bargaining efforts from our Board and Management.

We resolve to continue to demand a fair and equal contract for all seventy-two players.

We resolve to continue to demand a Board and Management whose dedication to excellence equals ours.

We resolve to continue to demand a funding portfolio, including a robust endowment that represents the broad financial spectrum of San Antonio; community, corporate, foundational, and philanthropic.

We resolve to continue to demand that our city leaders invest in the needs of the people in the concert hall (built with your tax dollars as our home) before the concert hall itself.

Thank you for taking the time to read our message. We hope you will consider joining our cause. And, most of all, we wish all of our fellow San Antonians a happy and healthy New Year!

Mary Ellen Goree Chair, Musicians of the San Antonio Symphony

Richard Oppenheim President, Local 23, American Federation of Musicians


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