How We're Doing

Many of our friends in the audience have been asking what the current shutdown means for the San Antonio Symphony and its musicians. The short answer is, having never experienced anything like this before in anyone's lifetime, we don't have enough information to make predictions. But here is what we do know:

The single most important thing for all of us to do is to stay safe and healthy. When the current crisis is behind us people will need art in their lives more than ever, so we want to be able to put a healthy orchestra on stage to play for a healthy audience. The musicians of the San Antonio Symphony are first and foremost members of the San Antonio community along with our audience and supporters, and we extend our sincerest hope that our community comes through this crisis with as little damage and as few losses as possible. Even one loss is too many.

The musicians of the San Antonio Symphony have been proactive in working with our management and board to enable our leadership to apply for and receive federal stimulus money under the CARES act. We understand that a crisis like no other may require a response like no other.

For those wondering how to help the musicians at this time, you can donate to the San Antonio Symphony at With the recent news from the City of San Antonio regarding the hotel-motel tax revenue and the resultant cuts in grants to arts organizations, an increase in private donations is essential to the Symphony weathering this storm.

Whether you are in a position to donate or not, we hope you continue to follow us through this newsletter and through social media, where you can listen to performances by individual San Antonio Symphony musicians and by the musicians as a group from our various homes. We will never give social distancing the power to stop us from making music!